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Session A8:  Day 2 - Wednesday 24 February 2016  16.30-17.30


Wave Technology Showcase: Meet the Second Generation Game-Changers


Charles Haynes, CTO, Mermaid Power Corp.

Mermaid Power’s Neptune 3 Showcase
Mermaid Power’s Neptune 3 is a grid compliant, near shore, direct drive point absorber WEC which uses a custom made generator to convert the maximum energy from the non-regular prime mover wave forces. It has 3 parts: a 12,000 kg outer framework; a 3,500 kg point absorber; and the PTO which includes a patented reciprocating to rotation motion converter which delivers power to the generator from for both the up and down strokes. It is specifically designed to capture vertical wave force data acting on the point absorber from two methods: spring movement and electrical output. This empirical vertical wave force data results in a new metric: kW/m^2 which opens opportunities to the wave energy industry as this metric enables us to be directly and fairly compared to solar, wind and turbine-tidal industries.

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Poster P3:  Day 2 - Wednesday 24 February 2016 11.30-12.15

Wave Power Modelling and Tank Testing


Charles Haynes, CTO, Mermaid Power Corp.

Wave Energy in kW/m^2 for Design and LCOE Calculations

A new and accurate wave energy calculation formula is urgently needed by developers, producers, investors and purchasers of wave energy devices. The linear wave based equations e.g. P =.5H^2T yield kW/Linear-meter of wave front. The metric kW/m^2 is required mainly because it is used by the solar, wind and turbine tidal industries. A LCOE for the 4 major renewable industries is provided. Wave tank measurements of vertical and horizontal components of wave energy are reported. Measurements of the vertical component of wave energy are currently ongoing with the full size Neptune 3 WEC and this data is available on request.

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PREVIOUS PAPER Presented at ICOE 2014





Session 7.3: Day 3 - Thursday November 6 2014  9.00-10.15


Canadian Technology Showcase


Charles Haynes, CTO, Mermaid Power Corp.




This update covers key strategies in the manufacture and deployment of Mermaid Power’s near shore small wave electrical generator system near Vancouver Canada. Substantive aspects of the wave system design, fabrication, protection and connection to the grid will be presented along with a short demonstration video. Public uptake of the deployment of a wave energy unit in an island community is reviewed. Future viability of the business is supported by an energy cost comparison, power purchase options and the benefits of  a local “distributed” manufacturing model.

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Charles Haynes has a B.A. (Hons) from SFU and a B.App.Sc. (Architecture) from UBC. He is an IP broker, inventor and entrepreneur. He is the director of several real estate holding companies in Vancouver.


He has been actively involved in renewable energy for over 30 years starting in solar energy heating for housing. He holds a US Patent for Solar Energy Converter, a Canada Patent for Wave Energy Device and a PCT Patent for Tidal Compensator.


He has been CTO of Mermaid Power Corp. since its inception in 2010 and has overseen the development and testing of the Neptune 1, 2 & 3 test units. Neptune 4 is scheduled for north Pacific Ocean testing in 2017.

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