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The business of NeptuneWave is to work with power project developers on industrial scale electricity production plants.

We are open to partnering and joint venture relationships.


RECs and CO2 Offsets
We can include RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates (1MWh Tier 1 Certificates):
      a 1 MW Neptune Wave Engine would produce 5,500 to 6,000 REC certificates per year. 

CO2 Offsets can be utilized within the "additional" part of the GHG protocol standard when Neptune Wave Engines are integrated with corporations interested in utilizing Scope 2 Offsets produced by Neptune Wave Engines.

We have determined that the most cost effective fit is with developers of offshore wind turbine projects, but we are open to discussions with other power project developers.


The following chart shows the position of Neptune Wave Energy compared to the other power production methods:


Neptune Wave Intellectual Property IP
Our current business plan allows for the protection of our IP by our partner(s) / joint venture consortium.

Our IP is not one revolutionary idea but a plethora of new inventions that individually may be protected by patents, and which can work together making a complete system. We have identified 9 new, at the basic invention patents = strongest & broadcast claims, patentable inventions that are secret at this time.  As a group these inventions are like the pieces of a puzzle which has taken us 10 years to put together. 

Our decision to partner with a particular power plant developer on an exclusive basis will be based on, but not limited to, the willingness of the “partner” to protect the IP, in particular they must be seen, in this area, to be formidable, have the where with all and willingness to aggressively protect the Neptune Wave Energy IP.

We are interested to bring the benefits of Neptune Wave Energy to all parts of the world, and as such we will consider a consortium of joint venture partners each with exclusivity to a part of the world and jointly coming together to protect the IP for each other in the consortium.


Neptune Wave Energy Testing Station

To assist with opening serious business discussions we are building a Neptune Wave Energy Testing Station so that potential “partners” may visit the testing station with their own people and their own equipment and verify for themselves that the power produced is continuous and that it is of the quantity claimed.  The test site will allow monitoring of the power output on: (a) a wave by wave basis; and, (b) hourly.  The power produced from individual waves, identified by height and period, is recorded and available in real time and from archives

GRAPH Comparisons of Gen Plants 05-20-19

You are invited to Visit the Testing Station and verify the wave
energy output with your instruments. Make an appointment 

COLOURED-NeptuneWave 1-A - Test Room Con
NEP Logo Transparent Back April 2019.png

Combining proven test units backed by decades of government-funded wave energy research with a
revolutionary wave engine technology to add a new commercial method for firm base load electricity
production that is carbon emission free and competitively priced

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