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Lynwood Marina


Neptune Equipment Corp. merged with Mermaid Power Corp. in January 2017 and together formed


Neptune Equipment Corp. was incorporated in British Columbia, 2010. It is a privately held company. Design and administrative offices are in Vancouver. Development and testing are taking place at a separate locations in the Vancouver area.


A foreshore lease at Keats island was the site for the initial deployment of Neptune 3 & 4

and in 2017 an Investigative Use License was granted by MFLNRO for 5 years for use of the seabed 800 meters off Point Grey in the Strait of Georgia. Construction of units and PTO (Power Take Off) development are being done in North Vancouver shipyards.


Key Relationships

NeptuneWAVE enjoys an expanding network of key relationships:


RwE Growth Partners, Inc.


Westec Equipment
International Ltd


RwE Growth Partners, Inc.

Metals Supermarket Burnaby

NEP Logo Transparent Back April 2019.png
  • Lynnwood Marina

  • All Span Engineering (Deet and Shaheeda)

  • Van Pile (Chris Patterson)

  • ABD Ship Builders (Al and Burton)

  • J S McMillan Fisheries (Sean - best accessible docks)

  • Mercury Barge and Tug (James Bates)

  • False Creek Tugboats (Simon Bancroft)

  • Elworthy Electrical Services Ltd (Eric Lofstrom)

  • Pronine Electronic Design (Eugene)

  • ABD Aluminum Boats (Burton)

  • Westek Equipment International Ltd (Richard & Jeff)

  • Harrison Robbins machining (Wolf Orlowski)

  • On Call Trucking with Hyab (John) 604-825-4515

  • H.M. Precision Machining Ltd. (Harry)

  • Performance Metakworks Welding (Robert)

  • Coast Welding Supplies (Bob & Chuck)

  • Greg Semak (Foreman Welder)

  • Hi-Lane Plasma Steel Cutting (Gary & William)

  • Pacific Bearings (Jack * Jeet)

  • Remple Concrete (free over loads) (Alex)

  • Dominion Pipe (Ram)

  • Alaska Brass and Copper

  • Metal Supermarket

  • Hemple Canada Inc (marine coatings)

  • Ship2shore 800-430-1533 (marine coatings, Victoria)

  • North Side Transport (low bed wide loads)

  • Maxmin Crane Services (Glen)

  • Westco Industries Inc. (JP - rigging)

  • Donaldson Ropes (north van)

  • Associated Plastics

  • BC Equipment Rentals

  • No 8 Freight (Marcel)

  • ACT Equipment Tools (Jim)

  • Fast Signs (Zachery) (604-782-9921)

  • Scot Merriam (engineer consultant)

  • ​Johan Fourie (BCIT)

  • Jason Brett (BCIT)

  • Jeff Bloemink (BCIT)

  • William Han (BCIT)

  • Neil Campbell

  • Dimitri Boat Repairs

  • North Shore Yamaha (Mike)

  • Cassells Insurance

  • Ken Pedersen (Keats Island

  • Ewart Blackmore (Keats Island)

  • Pacific Fasteners

  • K2 Fasteners (Raj)

  • Graham Mclaren (Keats Island)

  • Diana McMeekin (Keats Island)

  • Gordon Day

  • Andreas Naouman (Shipbuilder)

  • David Rowswell

  • Elmer Ventura

  • Chris (Lynwood Marina)

  • Paul Donovan (Vancouver waterproofing)

  • Greg Creamore (inventor 3-d modeling Instructor)

  • Robert Kleyn

  • Home Depot Van-Terminal (Greg)

  • Hugh Piggot (Wind PM Generators Scotland)

  • J Links (wholesale video cameras etc.)

  • James Felter (photographer)

  • Richard Evans

  • James Hutton

  • Paul Smith (IP Lawyer)

  • Naiomi Tabata (North Island College)

  • Majid Hajibeigy  (Pacifico Seaweeds Kelp Farm )

  • Can Dive Services (Murray)

  • Norm Murfit WOODSONG Developments (drill press donation)

  • Sabic Plastics [Delrin] 

Combining proven test units backed by decades of government-funded wave energy research with a
revolutionary wave engine technology to add a new commercial method for firm base load electricity
production that is carbon emission free and competitively priced

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