One Neptune Wave Engine
projected to produce

11,000 MWh of zero emission

electricity per year

One Neptune

Wave Engine
reduces CO2
emissions by
8,000 tonnes
per year

from Coal Plants

Neptune Wave Engine Add-on to Wind Turbine  


One Neptune Wave Engine would supply 1,000 Average US Households with electrical power per year (2017 useage)

                                Average Household Usage = 10,972 kWh / year

                                                                                   =  11 MWh / year

Reference for Coal Emissions:

In US .72 tonnes of CO2e is emitted per 1 MWh of electricity produced from the average of all coal fired plants 2018.

NeptuneWave Engine & Test Station

one piston-absorber                      float for wave  
(24+ piston-absorbers                    measurements
in one full size unit)

Interior of Test Station                                                                  Detail of testing work bench                                                                         App for Test Station data

October 24, 2019 deploys:

                                     -- Single piston-absorber on pile (see video) and
                                     -- Vancouver Wave Energy Test Station.           


                           Contact Us for Invitation to attend at test station to verify power output
                           with your own instruments and discuss partnership business relationship.

                           View Test results here.

Global Wave Energy Map 2019(Compressed).

Beginning 2010 it was decided to purchase a wave power system to provide clean renewable energy for our cottage.


Results from the Vancouver Wave Energy Test Station

2019 - 2020


The business of NeptuneWave is to partner with power project developers on industrial scale electricity production plants.


Wave Energy Facts. Wave Energy
& Patents.
World Energy &CO2 Emissions.
Electric Generator Plant Comparisons.


Wave Primer
NeptuneWave History

Hs Conversion Factor

Wave Calculations
(wavelength, velocity, etc.)


(solar, wind & wave)

Industry Concerns

(name plate rating
& capacity factor)

Neptune Equipment Corp. was incorporated in British Columbia, 2010. It is a
privately held company. Design and administrative offices are in Vancouver.
Development and testing are taking place at a separate locations in the Vancouver area.

Power Produced - Wave Engine Add-On to O


Neptune Equipment Corp.
419 - 525 Wheelhouse Square

Vancouver BC Canada, V5Z 4L8

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604-626-5901  (Canada)